Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival 2018

The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is celebrated in 2018 from 26 January to 18 February. The allegory is “Magic and other fantastic creatures” represents a sign with a magic dragon on the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria of Francesco Faggiano.

There are very special days at the party more representative, but for us the most important is the day that is celebrated the Gala Drag, which has become the most famous and televised Gala Drag of the world. This year the event will be held on Monday, 12 February 2018.


Friday 26/01/2018
20:30h Pasacalles anunciador
21:00h Opening announcement

Saturday 27/01/2018
19:00h Children Comparsas Contest

Sunday 28/01/2018
11:00h Children’s Party (Costume and Murgas Meeting)
20:00h Great Lady Gala

Monday 29/01/2018
20:30h Murgas Contest – 1st Round

Tuesday 30/01/2018
20:30h Murgas Contest – 2nd Round

Wednesday 31/01/2018
20:30h Murgas Contest – 3rd Round

Thursday 01/02/2018
21:00h Adult Costume Competititon

Friday 02/02/2018
21:00h Comparsas Contest

Saturday 03/02/2018
12:00h Vegueta’s Carnival
20:30h Murgas Contest Final Round

Sunday 04/02/2018
12:00h Canine carnival
19:00h Junior Queen Gala

Friday 09/02/2018
21:00h Queen Gala 2017

Saturday 10/02/2018

17:00h Carnival In The Sun
21:00h Drag Queen Preselection

Sunday 11/02/2018
12:00h Day Carnival in Santa Catalina

Monday 12/02/2018
19:00h Traditional Carnival
21:00h Drag Queen Gala

Tuesday 13/02/2018
12:00h Santa Catalina’s Carnival
17:00h Children´s Parade

Thursday 15/02/2018
19:00h The Social Integration Gala

Friday 16/02/2018
21:00h Body Painting Contest

Saturday 17/02/2018
17:00h Great Carnival Parade and TICKETS for the Best Carnival Parade Float!

A great party in the middle of the city with over 200.000 people disguised walking, dancing or over the floats parade accompanying the Queen, Drag Queen, Great lady and Junior Queen together with comparsas, murgas and butacadas.

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Sunday 18/02/2018
19:00h Sardine’s Funeral

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